“Hometown” là chủ đề khá phổ biến trong phần thi IELTS Speaking và tất nhiên không còn xa lạ gì với các bạn thí sinh. Đây là chủ đề không khó, nhưng để trả lời một cách chính xác và giành được điểm cao, bạn cần chuẩn bị vốn từ vựng phong phú cùng lập luận ý thật tự nhiên. Bài viết này sẽ đưa ra những cấu trúc và từ vựng tiêu biểu giúp bạn “chốt hạ” phần thi này một cách dễ dàng nhất. 

Định hướng dàn ý chủ đề Hometown

Trong hai phần thi, bạn cần chú ý như sau: 

Phần 1: Answer directly to the question

Phần thi IELTS Speaking – Part 1 sẽ đưa ra những câu hỏi khá đơn giản, hãy trả lời thật ngắn gọn, không lòng vòng. 

Tham khảo những mẫu câu hỏi và câu trả lời dưới đây nhé: 

  1. Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh city which is located in the Southern part of Vietnam. It is a metropolitan area with millions of dwellers. As a matter of fact, I believe it is the most populated city in Vietnam.

  1. Can you describe a little bit about your hometown?

Ho Chi Minh City is your typical metropolitan city. The city is open 24-7, and is home to many cafes and restaurants serving food from all around the world. The traffic is dizzying and life happens at full-speed. It has all the entertainment services young people look for.  Entertainment centers as well as beautiful landscapes in this city could be easily found.

  1. Does your hometown have a lot of tourists?

Definitely yes, not only a busy and vibrant city, Ho Chi Minh city has a lot of tourist attractions which are really worth coming. Thanks to convenient bus routes, I can get tourists to travel around where I live. Visitors will be really keen on activities in the heart of the city such as the fair, art exhibition, and so on.

Phần 2: Expand your answer

Giải thích, phát triển ý tưởng theo công thức 5W2H (What? Why? When? Where? Who? How? How often?)

Với Part 2, hãy đưa ra những ý tưởng được phát triển từ đề bài. Bạn có thể trả lời dựa theo dàn ý dưới đây. 

  • Describe your hometown
  • Where is it located? 
  • What is it famous for? What sights can you see there?
  • How has it changed since you were a child?
  • What should tourists do there?
  • And explain whether it is an ideal place to live in or not?
  • Storytelling


Topic 5: Hometown (Countryside/City)

1. Where are you from? / Where is your hometown? / Which city are you living in?

My hometown is Phan Thiet, which is a city in Binh Thuan province. I am kind of obsessed with it because there are tons of amazing attractions in the inner-city, and the locals there are very easy-going and down to earth.


2. Do you like your hometown? / What do you like most about your hometown? / Please describe your hometown a little.

Yes, I do. My birthplace is famous for the Flower Festival there, which is a really cool annual event in my hometown. Tons of visitors flock into my city to see it every year. I love being a tour guide and showing my friends from other cities this tourist attraction.


3. Can you tell me some of the history (history story) of your hometown? / Did you learn about the history of your hometown at school?

Well, it’s a shame that I really don’t know much about the local history of my hometown, but I remember my grandpa told me that a hill in my hometown was named after a war that happened there 2000 years ago during the Han Dynasty, which was a major historical event in the history of my hometown.


4. What is your hometown famous for?

Well, my hometown is well-known for many things, but I think the most famous feature is the white sand dunes there. There are always tons of tourists flooding into my hometown for a splendid landscape with great opportunities for stunning photographs and unforgettable memories. A lot of people who’ve been there give glowing reviews of the out-of-this-world experience they had on the Internet, which makes my hometown even more popular.


5. Is there any famous person in your hometown?

To be honest, I am not this certain to know any celebrities whose birthplace is from my hometown. It would be so cool to make acquaintances with a public figure. I would definitely love to hang out with a celebrity and listen to their story of success.


6. How long have you lived in your hometown? / Do you think you will continue living there for a long time?

I’ve been living in my hometown since I was born. I’ve never thought about leaving my hometown because my entire social circle is there and the cost of living is pretty low. However, I also want to work in a different city for a few years to broaden my horizons.


7. Do you prefer to live in the country or in the city?

I prefer living in the city. Don’t get me wrong’, the country has beautiful views. But the city is way more exciting to me. There are always cool things going on, and everything is convenient and close by. Plus, there are more job opportunities and things to see and do in cities, especially big ones.


8. Do you want to live in the country in the future?

I’m not sure. But I don’t think I would rule out living in the country. Maybe when I’m ready to settle down, I could move to the country and enjoy the peace and quiet there. It’s really hard to tell where life will take me. I might want to just keep living in the city.


9. Is that a big city or a small place?

My hometown isn’t a major city in Viet Nam but it’s not small either. As far as I know, it has a population of 5 million people. So the urban area is always crowded with people. It’s also the largest city of the province by land area.


10. Do you like the city you are living in now? / Do you like living there?

Yeah, I really love it. When I moved here, I thought it was overwhelming. But now I can’t imagine living anywhere else. There are always cool things happening here-For example, a lot of singers come to our city for their concerts. It definitely keeps me on my toes.


11. Is there anything that you dislike about your hometown?

Yes, I suppose so. One thing I’m not satisfied with in my hometown is the traffic there. Lots of drivers don’t follow the traffic rules and often have road rage, so road accidents in my hometown are common and often fatal.